Wednesday, September 4, 2013

There goes my Zen moment!

I love calendars that have serene seasonal scenes, that I can cut out the scene and display it somewhere in my home or workspace, providing me with what I call a brief "zen moment" as I hurry by in the midst of my multi-tasking days. Now, Kayli has been begging me to put out our Halloween decorations since the beginning of August, yes, August! One day, recently, after hearing this request for the umpteenth time, I said, we cannot put up our Halloween decorations, but I have this picture of a beautiful Fall day of a long winding path through a park, that makes me think of the wonderful feeling I get when the Fall colors arrive, and the weather begins to get cooler, and that will help us know that Halloween is just around the corner. (and in my head I'm thinking, we will both win, because it it will also provide me with those "zen moments" I really need) So, I cut this picture from the old calendar I had, and propped it up on the little dresser we have in our kitchen, so we could both see it...
Imagine my surprise when I came into the kitchen the next day to find this...
boohaaha!... there went my "zen moment!"

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