Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Dinner

Well, as I mentioned before, Kayli and I just made the cut-off for the 24 hours on antibiotics, fever free, and 3 doses of our meds, so we could go to our family Christmas dinner by 5:00 p.m., and not be contagious anymore! Whew! Kayli really wanted to see her cousins and her Grandpa! I really wanted to savor some beef tenderloin see my family! Ok, both! And...we had more presents to give and get! So, off we went, so happy, and really sooooo much healthier!
Kayli helps Grandpa open our present...
Mickey tells me that he thinks his wife is the best cook in this family. Since he is one that loves to get a good argument going, I think he may have been disappointed when I said "Yes, you may be right. She is a fabulous cook." and  "No, I have never had my sights set on that award." I would rather dine at her house! (BTW, Karen is a fabulous cook too!)
Matt is wearing a homemade liquor necklace from Marion!
oooooh, that juicy beef tenderloin was soooooo good!!!
Karen "photobombs" us!
Aunt Suzanne opens our creatively wrapped gift...
Mickey had Kayli's name for Christmas!
Kevin watches Kayli play Minecraft...what the heck is she doing?
Marion, Jim, Nick, Jake
Laura, Colin, Mickey
Adam, Karen, Kevin, Matt

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