Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mom to the Rescue..or not.

So last night I am sitting in the living room while Kayli is upstairs in my bedroom playing Minecraft on her Ipad. Suddenly, I hear her yell "MOM! COME QUICK!" As I quickly jump up from my spot on the couch, I meet her racing down the stairs. She says "Something is in your room!" as she looks at me with that disheveled appearance of a movie character that's being chased by a monster. "What do you mean, something in my room? You mean a critter of some kind?" I quiz. She says "Yes, it's something live. It has wings! It was fluttering and flapping! It flew right past my head! I even heard it make a growling sound! OMG, it's in there now, Mom, you've got to go find it!" My mind is racing now...a bird?
 a bat?
but growling? ...a flying squirrel?
but how did it get in here? I'm not sure I really want to check this out. I see that my bedroom lights are off, and I would have to walk around the door to get to the light switch, and what if this creature flies at me? I have an idea...I'll get Sprinkles, and send her in there first so she can sniff out this flying, flapping, growling creature while I turn on the lights. Then, we'll see what it is and I'll be able to figure out how to deal with it.
Ok, Sprinkles and I enter the dark room. Kayli waits and watches from the hall. Sprinkles does not run around or stir things up as she does out in the yard with the rabbits. She just stands there, looking at me...
waiting for me to do something... and I'm looking at her thinking "well, so much for my bloodhound plan, haha!" Then, suddenly, there it is, that sound, right above me, that old familiar buzzing sound that gets louder as this creature dive bombs right past my head! Kayli yells "THERE IT IS!!!" and with my heart still beating fast from the images my imagination had conjured up, I quickly realized we were dealing with something we've dealt with before, an old familiar pesky pest, that only shows up when Winter is over and Spring has begun, that stays til' the bitter end of the Summer and even into our mild Fall days, that for some reason continues to terrify Kayli with it's loud buzzing and dive bombing,...that dang HORSE FLY!!! I looked at Kayli looking at me, and all I could say was "Really?" ...and the bubble above my head reads "I can see this is going to be another loooong summer!" Anyone have a good fly swatter for sale???  

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