Thursday, May 22, 2014

Good Bye to 3rd Grade

Well, here it is, the end of May already, and my "Rock Star 3rd Grader" has had a crazy, busy year!
Aside from the fact that the 3rd grade teaching team spends half the school year stressing kids preparing kids for "the big assessments", they somehow managed to throw in some fun activities along the way. Kayli's teacher "wowed her" with Science, her favorite subject! She also loved Reading, and all the miscellaneous information her teacher shared along with the stories they read. Kayli's BFF, Megan, was in her class this year, which was thrilling for her. In addition, I was happy to see her expand her horizons by developing another close friendship with a little girl named Alyana. The 3 little girls were inseparable at daily lunch and recesses!
Towards the end of the school year, Kayli's teacher began a really suspenseful read-aloud book, and Kayli talked about this book daily. Mrs. M. always left them "hanging" when she stopped reading each day. Well, the end of the school year came, and Mrs. M didn't get to finish reading this book to the class. Kayli is dying to see how it ends, so I guess that's our segue to the public library!  Kayli also continues to love Music and PE. She really hates computer lab because she says that every time they get in there they have to do the same thing called "type to learn" over and over and over again. I imagine that "pales" in comparison to the ever-so-creative "Minecraft" app that Kayli spends so much time immersed in on her ipad ! 
So, my girl did some growing and learning, and her mom did some growing and learning, and as school years go, another one seemed to just fly by! Mrs. M ran a fast paced, busy, noisy classroom. (We discovered that my perfectionistic, only child, requires a bit more time and quiet in her environment to get things done to her specifications, in other words..."perfect" Oh Lord, how well I know the road of a perfectionist! So much pressure on yourself. So hard to measure up to your own standards. So hard to "just finish it already" when there are still revisions running through your head. So hard when everyone around you is done with their project and you have just become immersed in yours! ) Mrs. M had a genuine place in her heart for each and every kiddo in her room, working hard to help them succeed and pushing each of them to their limits! Kayli and I prepared this special parting gift for her...
...and she loved it!

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