Thursday, October 2, 2014

4th Grade Musical

In Kayli's school, there are two different years (2nd grade and 4th grade) when the kids get to participate in an "all class" musical, performed for the entire school. The music teacher begins by asking the kids to indicate whether they would like to have a speaking part, dancing part, group singing part, solo singing part, etc. etc. That way, the music teacher, Mrs. K. can compare interests to ability, and do her best to work within these parameters. It's pretty awesome the way she manages to work in so many different parts. Now, you may remember how Kayli acted so hesitant and shy for Mrs. K. in 2nd grade, when she was asked to try a singing/speaking part, so she was assigned a group role. Due to her small size, though, Kayli was placed front and center on the stage, and Mrs. K discovered very quickly that this child takes on a new life when she is on stage! She pretty much knew every single line that every single kid would sing or say, and was so animated up there, following every single one of Mrs. K's cues, that Mrs. K told me later "that little stinker sure pulled the wool over my eyes!" She was amazing!!! So, fast forward to 4th grade requests, where Kayli indicated that she would like to be part of the group chorus. Mrs. K asked her if she would consider playing a lead role where she would sing a solo, and Kayli said "No thank-you." Mrs. K. told me about this after school, and said she was just dumbfounded by Kayli's answer, and couldn't even talk her into it. I asked Kayli why she didn't want to do this, and she told me that she didn't want to miss all her recesses to practice! Turns out that she agreed to try a solo, and practices were actually in the mornings, before school. Since I had to talk Kayli into this, I couldn't complain or get cranky when we were trying to get out the door earlier every morning, always a chore!
The big day arrived and as usual, Mrs. K had put together an amazing musical! The kids all did a great job, and my sweet pea once again put her "all" into the show! Kayli played the role of 1 of 3 stowaways, and got to sing a few solo parts. The show was fun, fun, fun!!!
 Kayli had sooooo much fun preparing, practicing, and putting on this musical! Aside from the adrenaline rush she got from starting her day singing her heart out, the camaraderie involved in this kind of adventure fostered some new friendships, and that is a great thing too! She's expanding her horizons, as well as her friendship circle!
Way to go 4th graders!

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