Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Traditional Grinch Party

This party is such a great opportunity for me to have the kids all to myself for one night during the Christmas holiday! I get such a different perspective as I sit back and listen to them interact and talk about what's important to them in their lives right now. It's priceless!
 from the oldest to the youngest, we share pizza, cookies, candy, and fun...
Kayli and I had a surprise for everyone this year...she had acquired a crazy, big marshmallow shooter at the Girl Scout party/ market a couple weeks ago, and wanted everyone to have their own personal marshmallow shooters to take on our Christmas lights walking tour tonight. So, we bought some pvc piping and made a smaller version of hers for everyone. So, just before we headed out the backdoor to walk to the neighborhood lights tour, we handed everyone a marshmallow gun and a handful of marshmallows. They were too much fun!
and to top off the night, the oldest "Who" and the youngest "Who," spent some time relaxing in the hot tub!

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