Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Ahh, New Years Eve...I made sure to do the grocery shopping early, getting all the prerequisite snacks and drinks. I made sure to get the hats and horns out of storage.

Our New Years Eves have generally been our night to recoup and relax after all the hustling and bustling that leads up to Christmas and beyond! Today, I told Kayli that we were going to start our evening with a little New Years' craft project. We were making Time Capsules! We started with cardboard cans from Hobby Lobby. We printed off a few pictures from the year of 2015.

I got out the ModPodge, and we were ready to go...

The finished products were set out to dry...

then we collected items to put inside, each of us doing our own. We also wrote a small note with our dreams, hopes, wishes for the year to come, and put all this stuff inside our time capsule! We will put these away with the Christmas decorations, so that next year, when we get ready to decorate again for Christmas, we can check them out, read our notes, and maybe add more for the next year!
Now, onto the food fun...
I decided on chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and giant marshmallows for dipping...

our drinks, strawberry lemonade pop served in champagne glasses with a line of grapes on a skewer...

we pulled up Netflix and Kayli chose "Home" as our movie tonight, one of my favorites!

oh, I forgot to mention that I had also prepared some balloons for us to use in our countdown towards midnight. I taped these balloons on the fireplace mantel. At 11:00, Kayli popped the 11:00 balloons. Inside, were strips of paper for each of us to once again write down our hopes and dreams for the year to come, but this time, place these in our Chinese Wish Pot, something we've been doing for several years now.

It was at this time that we paused the movie long enough to watch the ball drop in New York Times Square!, back to Netflix until midnight. Then, it was time to pop the midnight balloons, which both contained party horns, woohoo!!! We were watching the countdown in Memphis, Tennessee, where, instead of a ball drop, there was a guitar drop, haha! Simultaneously, they were showing the countdown in New Orleans...10,9,8...2,1, Happy New Year!!!

then, we had to rush outside to witness the fireworks going off in our neighborhood! It was cold out there with the snow on the deck, and Sprinkles did not like those fireworks!

We may be a small family, but the amount of energy and enthusiasm we have for any celebration is equivalent to that of the mightiest clan! Happy New Year!

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