Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who Doesn't Love an Easter Hat?

What would Easter be without a new "Easter Bonnet"? AND, a pretty dress with new white tights, and shiny pink patent leather shoes? Just add a couple of marshmallow chicks and Mom behind the camera and you've got a party! Woohoo!
Kayli also thoroughly enjoyed singing and dancing at church, even though she was really the only one dancing. She heartily joined in on the Alleluiahs and other words spoken by the priest that she seemed to find amusing. "Whaaat, Jeeesus risen?" "Otaaay"
We had a nice family gathering for the day, complete with another Easter egg hunt on a big long porch while the light snowflakes fell outside. Kayli ate lots of candy and ran wild with her cousin. Naptime was accomplished by buckling Miss Kayli into her carseat and taking a drive. She was out "cold" in 5 minutes. Later that evening as we drove home and I was audibly yawning, she said "Tired mama?" I said "Yes, it's been a long day." She said "Well, you sleep car, like Tayli, otay?" Yes, my darling, that would be nice.

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MF said...

Looks like a fun Easter. I like the way she had to think about eating on a plate.

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