Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde

Oh yes, the transformation is fast and furious! It happened this weekend, my sweet Kayli Rose transformed into my very own Dr Jekyl/Mr. Hyde. And yes, this is solid evidence that the “Threes” have officially arrived! We go from “Yeah, Shooer, Mama” “Thank-you Mama” “I Love You Mama” to ‘I want this, no I want that, no I don’t want it like that, I want it like this, now I don’t want it at all, now I’m so confused I’m just going to cry’, “Waaaaaaa!”

Oh, Lord, give me strength, and strengthen my sense of humor, which I think is the only way to cope with the irrationality of this tiny three year old who 5 minutes from now will be “sweet talking” and “joking” her way back into my “good graces”. I’ll forget all about the melt-downs of today, until … the next “surprise attack” and then… Life goes on.

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