Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Once Upon a Potty

As reported by daycare staff, the following scenario took place yesterday: Kayli’s little friend, Elena, had wet her pants and needed to change. The teacher got her a change of clothes and sent her into the toddler bathroom to begin the process. When she came to check on her, she found Kayli in there with her, helping her and apparently trying to change her own clothes. Miss Jennifer said “Kayli, you don’t need to change your clothes, you’re not wet. Only Elena wet her pants.” Kayli turned to Elena and said “Lena, why you wet? Next time, you tell Tayli, otay?” The teacher “split a gut” laughing! Pretty soon everyone knew the story of “that little character” Kayli. The next morning, Elena’s daddy greeted us and said “I guess we owe Kayli a thank-you for being Elena’s good buddy.” I said “You know how teenage girls all go to the bathroom together, well, it all starts here, in the toddler bathroom.” He laughed and said “I always wondered about that!”

1 comment:

Matt said...

That is a pretty funny story. Is Kayli potty trained yet?

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