Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dark, Dark, Light, Light

Kayli loves to help with the laundry! Today I asked her to empty her hamper so we could wash the clothes. I had the hamper right outside the laundry room, lying on the floor, so she could reach the clothes. As I stood in the laundry room, I heard this little voice behind me saying “Dark, dark, light, dark, light” as she pulled out each clothing item. She wasn’t necessarily accurate but it was pretty funny that she’s obviously been paying attention to the procedure. What she really LOVES to do is to spray the stains with Spray and Wash! See attached video and you'll know why it takes me soooo long to get the laundry done!


Matt said...

First off I should have sent the rain I got in Mexico City your way. It was sitting there saying "Rain Rain GO Away!" Also looks like you have quite the helper, too bad she doesn't quite know how to sort. You still have a while to teach her.

Sr. Suzanne Fitzmaurice, OSB said...

I think I should bring her here to the monastery. We have quite a laundry she could help out in!

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