Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Indoor & Outdoor Water Play

Just when we think our warm weather is here to stay, and we spend a beautiful day outdoors wearing shorts and playing with Kayli’s new water table, we get hit the next day with a windy, wet, cold, indoor-play sort of day. So, what do you do? You bring the water play indoors! It began quite innocently (sort of like the Cat in the Hat story) as I started to fill the washing machine, then, standing on the stool in front of the washer, Kayli did her part by putting in the soap. Then, while she’s rinsing the cup under the running water (as she has seen me do) she gets an idea and begins to swirl and dip the clothes, and now she’s up to her elbows in soapy water and immersed in fun! So, I leave the lid open and she proceeds to entertain herself for a good 30- 45 minutes while I fold clothes, etc. etc. Her jammies are soaked at the end of this clean, fun game. So we toss them in the washer and move on to the next fun game. Amazing, how one can find fun in the most unusual places!

Indoor Water Play:

Outdoor Water Play:

1 comment:

Sr. Suzanne Fitzmaurice, OSB said...

well at least your water stayed in a container - unlike Marion's mess

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