Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Milk Kisses!

Kayli goes to a little daycare, 3 minutes from home, and although this is quite convenient for me, the “commute” is sooo short that it sometimes seems to take Kayli off guard, as if she just didn’t get enough “morning mom time” yet. She likes her “school” and her teachers and the kids, and is always happily engaged in an activity when I pick her up. However, in the morning, as is typical with so many kids this age, she tries anything to prolong the separation. I rarely get tears, but instead might get a child whose arms are extra tightly attached to my neck! Then I get some creative coaxing “C’mon mom, sit here” as she pats the tiny little chair next to her. Breakfast is first on the daily agenda and the setup cracks me up. It reminds me of The Three Bears Story, as there is a tiny little table with tiny little chairs, but on top of the table are stacked giant plastic bowls (like butter tubs) and lying next to them are medium sized spoons, and then Dixie sized cups. Parents supply the cereal. It’s so cute to see the kids sitting together at this “3 Bears Table” in front of their giant bowls, scooping mounds of cheerios into their mouths, while the occasional bit of milk drips down their chins and gets quickly wiped away by a shirt sleeve. Kayli always chooses to sit in the same spot, at the end of the table. Then, as I pour her milk and she prepares to take her first bite, a grin slowly spreads across her face as she anticipates what’s coming next, the famous “milk kiss”! As a happenstance one day, she kissed me good-bye after taking a bite of her cereal, and I proclaimed “Mmmm, a milk kiss, yummy” She roared with laughter! Now, we can’t say good-bye without this special kiss! Yes, I realize this is a kiss that only a mother could love and cherish, knowing this too will someday become another sweet memory of her childhood!

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