Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some kids take a teddy bear to bed...

Kayli is my "night owl" and often doesn't fall asleep until as late as 10:00, no matter what time I put her to bed! I like to get her settled in by 8:30, and after "jammies and teethbrushing", we read 5 or 6 stories, dim the lights, sing our prayers, and rock in the rocker. But, once I leave the room, she lays in there, making up songs, talking to her dolls and stuffed animals, "re-reading" the books we just read (I hear her telling the story just like I did) and thinking of things she needs to tell me like "I heard a noise" "Is it morning?" "I need to go potty" She also is one who, not only enjoys choosing one of her soft blankies to bring to bed with her, she always has to choose some "treasured objects" to bring along, and snatches up the last toy/object or two that she's been playing with. She might bring to bed a toy train or a turkey baster, you never know. As Kayli likes to have "props" to "act out" or "participate in " the tv shows we watch before bed, she often brings her props to bed with her. If the show is about Dora the Explorer's band, Kayli sleeps with the flute, maracas, and harmonica. If the show was the Doodlebops Dancing Routine, Kayli wears her tap shoes to bed and snuggles up to her pink feather boa. One night recently, Clifford the Big Red Dog was sipping juice in one chapter and sledding in the snow with his friends in another, so you guessed it, Kayli was wearing her pink winter hat and holding her plastice juice box holder when she went to bed. Last night, since I pulled out the big fan for our sun room, she had to find her baby fan, carry it around all night, and finally sleep with it. I have no problem endorsing these night-time "comforts", except if she wants to take something miniscule in size to bed, like a seashell or a dandelion, because if she wakes up in the middle of the night, she likes to check her inventory, and if something is amiss, you guessed it, she comes to me for help in locating the lost item! Oh, and if she needs to come and "check on me" in the middle of the night, she will bring her treasured items with her. So, early in the morning, when the sun comes up, and she comes to check on me, and I tell her to just climb in my bed until my alarm goes off, you can see from the pictures, that she climbs in and promptly falls back asleep next to her treasures! Oh... this child of mine... she is so funny!

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