Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hail? Not pellets, but golfballs and baseballs!

The plan was to take a leisurely swim in the lake. The weather changed suddenly. From sunny to cloudy to pouring rain. Luckily, we had just gotten everyone's suits on and hadn't gone down to the lake yet. Plan B, make margaritas and sit on the covered porch watching the girls "dance in the rain." Then, Plan C, little girls run for cover as the hail stones began to fall. First, pellets, then golf balls, then baseballs! Jeez, my poor car in the driveway. Kayli watches my face cringe as we hear the "bam,bam,bam", as the balls hit my car and the roof of the porch we are sitting under. She's worried. I tell her "It's ok. My car will be ok." Later that night as she is lying next to me in bed (not happy with the continuing thunder) she says "Mom, your car have dents!" "Yes Kayli, but it's ok, you can go to sleep now." Check out the videos below for the "Dance in theRain" and the "Aftermath of Hail"

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Marion,Jim,Jake,Nick said...

So is the car okay?

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