Monday, July 7, 2008

Too Much Noise!

What a great 4th of July! Kayli and I picked up Grandpa at noon and headed to Aunt Laura and Uncle Mickey’s for the family gathering. Kayli was in seventh heaven, playing in the pool all day with everyone, Uncle Mickey was throwing her “higher and higher to the sky” then “splash” into the water. A while later she convinced Uncle Jim to do the same. After pool, Kayli saw her cousins playing basketball, and just had to “join in”. They did a great job of playing around her, not knocking her over, and occasionally throwing her the ball! Kayli’s least favorite part was when the fireworks started. “Let’s go in the house mom” “I don’t like this noise” Don’t you want to see the pretty sparkles in the sky. “Uh, no thanks.” So, Kayli, who insisted on wearing earmuffs, because the
BOOM BOOM could be heard in the house as well, watched her favorite DVDs (no need to hear since she knows the dialogue by heart) while the fireworks “show” went on outside. It was a late night and the next day we were both happy to take a looong nap! (Check out the basketball game below)

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