Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Not a Water Slide

Kayli and I checked out the neighborhood pool recently and loved it! The water fountains were so much fun for Kayli to run through. The water-play structure you see Kayli sitting in, looked like a water slide to her so she immediately climbed in for a “ride”. The lifeguard immediately blew her whistle at her to get out. So, first I snapped a picture, then I took her out. The fact that there was such a huge section of “2 and 3 feet water”, made it so easy for Kayli to try out her swimming skills. No lifejacket or water wings! She could swim and swim, and immediately stand back up. She was soooo excited! After a few hours of non-stop splashing, swimming, jumping, etc., the lifeguards called a “pool break”. Kayli immediately laid down on her towel and began to fall asleep. Time to go home. Another GREAT summer day.

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