Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Little Piggy

I dropped Kayli off at daycare, and as she sat down at the breakfast table I realized that I had forgotten to give her the morning dose of antibiotic for that out-of-control-bug bite she got last week. So, since my house is just about 3 minutes away, I told the teacher I’d be right back. Upon returning, I came up quietly behind Kayli, as I saw her sitting with her foot propped up on the table. As I approached, I could see and hear that she was reciting “This little piggy” while she counted off her toes, only her version of the rhyme went like this: “This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy cried wee-wee I miss my mama. This little piggy said ‘It’s otay, your mama aaaalways come back’, as she used all the sympathetic expression of “one who knows”. So pitiful, but good way to "process" out loud.
As long as we’re on the subject of daycare, a couple more things strike me as humorous: 1) She always has a paper that tells me a few things they did that day and what they ate for lunch. When I try to talk to her about them, she denies every one! I might say “Oh, you had chicken and noodles for lunch” Kayli: “No, no we didn’t.” “We not have lunch today.” “Oh, I see, well, did you read about Curious George going camping and get out the tent?” Kayli: (Chuckling) “No, we not read bout camping” “We not even go outside” Ok, guess I’ll just leave it at that.
2) Everyone at daycare has a little bucket in a cubby-hole for their change of clothes, etc. Kayli often brings something from home in the morning that she just has to have with her, but she is always agreeable to putting it in her cubby for safekeeping. At the end of the day, when checking her cubby, I will always see some tiny little toy sitting in her cubby, like a peg for a pegboard, or a fisher price animal or such. The other day Kayli said something that helped me “see the picture”. We were playing with something at home and she said “C’mon mom let’s fight over it” (she wanted to pretend we were both tugging on it) I said “Kayli, do the kids at daycare fight over things?” Kayli:” Yeah, so I just put it in my cubby!” Ok, now I get the picture. Kayli takes charge and “solves?” the problem. Hmm, if only I were a little mouse in this daycare room to see these events taking place. On the other hand, maybe I really don’t want to see EVERYTHING.

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