Monday, August 18, 2008

The Breakfast Game

Kayli and I play a "breakfast game" on weekends, that she just thinks is hysterical. She thinks we're playing a version of hide and seek, but I'm actually reading the paper and drinking my coffee, and she doesn't know how well I can multitask. She loves to hide in my lower cupboards by opening the door and sitting on the bottom shelf amidst the boxes and cans, just a few feet away from where I'm sitting at the small ABC table. I pretend to be looking while staying seated, my cereal and coffee on one side and the paper on the bench next to me. I'll say "Hmmm, now where could Kayli have gone? Maybe she fell in this box of cereal, I better shake it up to see if I hear her." She giggles. (I'm scanning the Target ads, then WalMart) "Yes, I heard her, but I think that noise is coming from my cereal bowl, I better take another bite and I hope I don't swallow Kayli with my cereal" Now the giggles turn into belly laughs. (I scan the Office Depot and Office Max ads) "No, I don't think I swallowed her, but...wait, choke, choke, no that wasn't her" More belly laughs. Usually I can get another couple of wild guesses in before she can't stand it anymore and has to peek around the cupboard to see if I'm crazy or just clueless. She pops her head out the top, laughs, and says "Let's do again" So, with the Star Magazine in hand now, I instruct her "Yeah, let's do it again. I hope you don't make it too hard for me again." A slow grin spreads across her face.

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