Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mommy Spa

As I was sitting on the edge of the sandbox the other night, bare feet buried in fine white sand, Kayli, pouring and sifting into a bucket nearby, I realized that this was one of those moments that I needed to savor. This, and the next night, as we added water, and created sand castles. This, in my mind, provides the same endorphin release as a relaxing day at the beach, and I didn’t have to pack anything or drive anywhere. To take it a step further, as Kayli takes the wet sand and “paints” my legs with it, how does this compare to an exfoliating spa treatment? Again, no cost, no appointment necessary. Then, later, as Kayli takes her bath, she loves to have me put my legs in the water, so she can use a whole lot of pump soap to “lather them up”. She loves to spend extra time lathering up the toes. Again, how does this differ from the scheduled foot massage? I’m feeling pretty relaxed right now just describing it! As with many little girls, mine loves to brush my hair too. She pretends to fix it, and the only caveat is when she attempts to put a claw clip in. She is not real adept at this maneuver, so I have to grin and bear that part. Still, pretty relaxing and/or invigorating. I guess when you consider that some beauticians get a little aggressive while blowdrying your hair after a haircut, which in general, is so relaxing for me, this could be considered a comparable experience. All in all, I am savoring every moment of these “mommy spa” opportunities, as I know with time, our life will become “a different kind of busy” and other kinds of priorities will replace these spontaneous, go-with-the-flow “spa-like” activities. So, I promise myself to be mindful of these moments while we’re “in them”, just like I would be if I had made an appointment at a spa, and not be thinking about tasks to be done, appointments to be made, places to be. Not anything else but what’s right in front of me; a 3 yr old, who’s “gifting me” with my very own home spa relaxation treatments!

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