Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's All in the Presentation!

For some reason, when Kayli draws a picture at school, which is always for me, the grand finale of the project is to crumple up the paper into a ball. The first few times she brought these pieces of artwork home, I thought they had just inadvertently gotten crumpled up when she stuffed them in her school cubby. Then, I happened to show up at school one day when she was completing a coloring sheet, and with a grand gesture, she crumpled it up as small as she could, then handed it to me. She proceeded to watch me with the same anticipation one does when you watch someone open a gift you’ve given them. Her eyes “danced with delight” as she waited for me to “unveil” the masterpiece. She watched me closely as I examined my gift, and said proudly “I made it for you!” I’ve decided that the “crumpled balls” are meant to be like “presents to be opened” Now isn’t that CREATIVE THINKING? Yesterday, I received 4 of these wonderful “presents” when I picked her up. It was a trick to carry these paper balls to the car, along with her and her “honey bear” that she had brought to school. But, when we got home, we had to have a “GRAND UNVEILING” of my “gifts”! I love that she’s always finding ways to “add an element of fun” to our lives!

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