Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Fabulous Fall Weekend!

Well, just when you think you’ve experienced everything to your satisfaction, you re-create an experience through the eyes of a child! There’s nothing more fulfilling than the spontaneous squeals of delight that come from a child as they participate in a new adventure like a hay wagon ride, a pumpkin patch, and an opportunity to later help carve that pumpkin. Here I was, this weekend, thinking that $7.00 per person was a lot of money to ride a hay wagon and pick out a pumpkin, at the children’s farm we haven’t visited in a while. Then, I started thinking, yeah, but it’s such a beautiful day to be outdoors and we still don’t have a pumpkin to carve, and this farm is always a great time, and Kayli’s cousins, Jake and Nick are planning to be there, and… ok, I’m in. So, we’re at the farm, we’ve loaded up into the wagon, Kayli is on my lap, the horses begin to trot, and Kayli is “bubbling over” with joy as she begins “ooing and ahhing” and saying “Wooow, Mom! Look!” She is noticing every little thing and thrilled with it all! So, as the quote from the old credit card commercial goes, “$14.00 for a day at the children's farm, priceless!”

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