Thursday, November 20, 2008

HandprintTurkey Cookies

With Thanksgiving "hot on the heels" of Halloween, I put some decorations away, and pulled a few new things out, and began to talk about this holiday. One item that caught Kayli's attention was the beany baby turkey, which she snatched up quickly and began to carry around. I told her it was a turkey but she kept referring to it by other bird names: "Mom, where's my chicken?" "Look, mom, I found my hawk!" "Mom, what you say that bird name again?" So, we began talking more about the turkey and as an extra tasty reinforcement, we decided to bake some turkey cookies that we made by cutting out Kayli's handprint from sugar cookie dough. Kayli loves to help me cook, so she was thrilled to put on her apron, roll up her sleeves, and start rolling the dough. Not playdough, but real dough to "play with", Woohoo! The grand finale was some heavily frosted turkey cookies that were yum, yum, yummy!

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