Friday, December 5, 2008

Up Up and Away!

Kayli got to fly on an airplane for the first time since our trip back from China, when she was 20 months old. We flew to Seattle for Thanksgiving. Kayli was soooo excited! We talked and talked about the trip. I made a picture story book about the trip that we read. I made a calendar for Kayli to cross off the days leading up to “airplane day”. On the day of the trip, she did great! We all took off our shoes, and coats, and bags when we got to security. Kayli followed me through the door, but forgot to leave her pink bunny behind, so we had to send “Bunny” back with the security agent. Grandpa was detained for a while as we got everything back together. Kayli was so proud to climb into her seat on the plane and buckle herself in. When the plane began to climb up into the sky, she was “glued” to the window. We enjoyed a fabulous time in Seattle. The highlight for Kayli was her cousins’ big dog named Rocky, who was a large standard size poodle. Kayli and Rocky would stand eye-to-eye, and Kayli would quietly talk to Rocky, like he was her very own “Clifford the Big Red Dog”. She would tell him to sit and he would. He followed her everywhere. She held lengthy “conversations” with Rocky, and then I’d hear her say “Well, Rocky, I have to go now, see you later.” It was just sooo cute.
One day, while at the darling outdoor shopping arena, we came across a tiny little Christmas cottage where Santa was waiting for visitors. Kayli was suspicious of this character, after all she’s been hearing about him so far (knowing when she's naughty or nice), but agreed to sit on his lap and smile for a picture. Our trip home was far more eventful, with looooong waits in line, security scrutinizers, and a 5 hour departure delay! Mom had to pull lots of tricks “out of her bag” to keep the time moving. Kayli “played” with her gummy worms, wiggling them around, and doing all sorts of “tricks” with them before eating them. She watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on DVD. She loved riding the “moving sidewalk”. She would alternate between walking on it and sitting on it. Woohoo! We arrived back in KC about 1 a.m. and to the extreme delight of Kayli, there was a light layer of snow covering the ground. She kept telling people about it. She yelled to our shuttle driver “Hey, I saw snow on your car.” And when he didn’t respond, louder she yelled “Hey, you know I saw snow on your car.” The people on the shuttle, who are all pretending to be very serious, looking at their shoes as we ride, couldn’t help but crack a smile or two!

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