Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This kid just cracks me up! After coming home from gymnastics, I told Kayli that we needed to go to the grocery store, and she needed to change out of her leotard. So, a few minutes later she comes back wearing one of her "princess costumes". "How 'bout this mom?" "Can I wear this to the store?" Wouldn't be the first time, and probably won't be the last, I think, so I smile and say "Sure". As we are getting into the car, Kayli says "Everyone will think I'm a princess, right mom?" Oh, yes, Kayli. Someone will probably say "What a beautiful princess." Then Kayli says to me "And mom, what do we say when someone tells us something nice?" I respond with "You tell me Kayli". So she says "Let's practice mom. You say something nice to me." "Oh, ok, great idea" I say. So I say "You sure look beautiful in that princess dress."
A broad smile spreads across her face, she performs a grand curtsy, and says "Ohhh? Weeeell, it's myyyy pleasure!"

After I finished laughing, we talked about OTHER ways a person might respond to a compliment... Too funny!

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