Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th!

What a fun, weekend it was!

Kayli and I picked up Grandpa and brought him to Laura and Mickey's for a pool party, cookout, and fireworks.

Laura and Mickey's dogs were pretty nervous about all the cracks and pops and booms, poor babies...

Kayli played with cousin Anna in the pool, then as we ate, she kept announcing to me "I know I'm really gonna like these fireworks!" as she tried to talk herself into it. When the fireworks "show" actually started, she lasted about 5 minutes, then headed indoors. Then, she was "too lonely" inside so she came looking for someone to hold her. Our good friend Janet offered to hold Kayli and Kayli fell sound asleep in her arms while the fireworks boomed around them!

Check out the video of Kayli and Anna having a blast, jumping off the diving board! They're pretending to be dogs or frogs or something like that.

On Sunday we had more fun, as we headed out to a local lake to help Eileen and Gary "break in" their new boat!

And, finally back to cousin Anna's for some outdoor freeplay.

You will see in the video below, how much fun they are having with Anna's little car. Well, shortly after taking this video clip, I am sitting on the porch, the girls are out of sight (not a good thing) and I hear a bump,bump,bumpety bump, and lots of giggling and laughing. I walked around the side of the garage, following the noise, and I see that Anna is pushing Kayli down the wooden terraced steps, and Kayli is thrilled with this ride! I stopped Anna just as she was about to continue the "ride" by pushing Kayli down the side of the unterraced steep hill leading down through the densely wooded hillside to the lake! Can't take your eyes off them for a minute!

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