Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Old Fashioned Bar Soap!

For months, Kayli has been lamenting to me how much she wishes we could have “soap like Grandpa has”. (That would be “Bar Soap” instead of the boring pump soap we have at our house) When we go to Grandpa’s house, Kayli always makes sure she uses the potty so she can spend some time playing… I mean washing… with the bar soap he has in the bathroom. So, as much as I hate that slimy mess sitting on the side of the sink, I broke down and bought a pretty soap holder and a big bar of soap. Well, we should be in great shape this winter as Kayli simply basks in the opportunity to wash her hands, and always takes LOTS of extra time to turn that giant bar of soap around and around, making lots of suds, and scrubbing away, and generally just “losing herself” in the experience. And to categorize this “as priceless” like the credit card commercial, it’s true, the simple “fun” IS priceless, but this only cost me about $1.00 for the soap and $2.99 for the soap dish! Check out the video below to see how Kayli has also turned this fun into a “learning opportunity”:

Just in case you missed her "full name", it was "Kayli Rose Meili the Free(that is 3)-Horned-Dinosaur Every Day" She has changed it, as it use to be "Kayli Rose Meili Super Hero Save Today" I wonder what it will be next?

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