Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh How She Makes Me Laugh

This child of mine provides me with a steady diet of humor! Sometimes I have to laugh quietly to myself at something she said, because of course she's not trying to be funny, and sometimes I get to laugh out loud, because we both know it's funny, and we both enjoy the moment. The bottom line is that there are many, many, many of those moments at our house!
1) She was telling a short story which went "Once upon a time you picked me up in China in a thunderstorm and we lived happily ever after" I said "Oh that was a great story, I love 'Happily Ever After' stories" She matter-of-factly replied "Well, then there you go, I telled you one!"
2) I was telling Kayli that she could not wear her swimming suit to the library. "Why?" she asks. "Because it's a rule" I say. She thinks for a minute, then with a serious demeanor, she states "No, Mom, it's the law!"
3) It was a Saturday and I was trying to get her to take a nap. All was quiet, I was the only one drifting "in and out" of consciousness, for an hour or so,when Kayli said to me "Mom, are we done with our nap yet?" I looked at her, and shaking my head, I said "I'm the only one that took a nap. I don't even think you closed your eyes." She pats me with her hand and sympathetically says "That's alright mom, you tried your best and I'm very proud of you!"
4)Kayli has a cousin named Nick, so one day when I told her "Boy, we just got to our car in the nick of time" (before the rain) She said "What?" "Nick of time?" "We know that word, it's that boy that lives at Aunt Marion's house!"
Here's a couple pictures along with "one-liners" from Kayli:

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