Friday, October 16, 2009

Decorating Styles

It just cracks me up, but makes me a little crazy, when I walk into a room and see that Kayli has re-arranged or “re-staged” some decorative items I happened to have out. For instance, after watching the Clifford the Big Red Dog episode where Cleo, the poodle, had to wear a cone on her head/neck to keep from scratching, I would constantly come into my bedroom to find the small beaded lampshade off the base of the candlestick it went on and instead find it pulled over the head of a stuffed animal, sitting on her bed. She’s always taking my angel figurines from the spots I have them in the living room and placing them in a “grouping” facing each other to look as if they are chatting with one another. Last night I was doing some dusting in my bedroom and found another “re-arrangement” that is subtle but apparently makes more SENSE! I’ll let you decide:

Picture One/ The Original Arrangement (Angel Teddy Bear with tiny scented sachets scattered around):

Picture Two/ Kayli's Modification:(Apparently a Tired Angel Teddy lying on the tiny stack of "pillows"/sachets)

Too Funny!

1 comment:

Sr. Suzanne Fitzmaurice, OSB said...

I assume her angel has been busy keeping Kayli safe and she knew she needed a nap after all that work!

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