Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Fairy Has the Flu!

So, last night Kayli discovered the very tattered and torn pink fairy dress that I had stuffed in the "sewing drawer" for the "miracle day" I would actually have time to sew it! "MOM, we've been looking EVERYWHERE for this!" Kayli says, as she fishes it out and wonders how it got down here. So...I sewed. Then, naturally, Kayli went to bed wearing this magical dress and dreaming of never taking it off again!
Then, about 3 a.m., my fairy climbed into bed with me and I immediately noticed that she was putting out enough heat to "kick off" the household thermostat! By morning, fever confirmed, Kayli says "Mom, I have a sore froat, and you know, I feel like I don't think I feel good." Poor baby. So, I'm in the kitchen,measuring out the liquid ibuprofen when she comes running in, wiping at her watering eyes and exclaims "MOM, now I think I'm crying, am I?
Flu symptoms...check, check, and check.

Work called.
Daycare called.
Nick Jr. on the t.v.
Ibuprofen kicking in.
Coffee for mom.
Let the healing begin!



Ohh yeah, the medicine is definitely working:

THEN, 6 hours later... fever is back, we begin the cycle again...

Oh great, so if we stay on this schedule that means she'll be "ready to dance" again around 2 a.m.!!!

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Linsey said...

Baby Lily hopes her friend Kayli starts to feel better soon!

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