Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall, Fabulous Fall!

We hit two "Fall Festivals" in one day!!! First, we headed out to Louisburg to meet up with "Baby Lily" for some fun at the Apple Cider Mill.
There was an inflatable obstacle course, that had a huge rock wall and slide, that Kayli really wanted to try. The lady taking the money said "Oh, she's too little to get up that wall." Well, that's all Kayli needed to hear, and the challenge was on! I was so proud of her as she determinedly pulled herself to the top and turned to give me an "ear-to-ear grin" just before sliding down the other side!
Kayli somehow "skinned her knee" on the way down the big inflatable slide, the first time down. She showed it to me, but was so excited about mastering that huge "rock wall" followed by the super steep slide, that she just had to try it 3 more times, before deciding it was time to attend to her "injury". After getting a bandaid, she began limping, and telling everyone she saw, about the "owee" on her knee. Here is a video I took after watching her limp down the hill, then, when she noticed the camera, she got goofy!

Next stop...Family Tree Nursery, for more Fall Festival Fun
There was a big box filled with corn for the kids to play in...Woohoo!

There were free flowers to plant...Ohh I hope we can keep it alive!

There were pumpkins of every shape and size!

And, finally, a cute video of Kayli talking to the goats while wearing her mask, and then informing me that the goats are a "little bit cranky today".

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