Monday, December 14, 2009

Traditions...Some Good Some Not

We have had the opportunity to visit Santa a few times this year, and have had lengthy discussions about why he keeps showing up at places we happen to be! Some people say that these guys are “Santa's helpers”, but “Helloooo... why would Santa need helpers when he has magic???” Just like Tinkerbell has magical fairy dust to help her fly, Santa has magical dust AND magical reindeer! So, while the elves are back at the North Pole making all the toys, Santa and the reindeer hop into the sleigh each day, just like we do when we drive to work. Their job, though, is to make sure that they find all the good little boys and girls and give them a chance to tell Santa something special they would like him to bring them for Christmas. It's a big job, but with “magic”, anything is possible!

All I want for Christmas is a pair of Dora Roller Skates!
Now, I'll just mail this letter to Santa...
I sure wish we had some REAL snow!
Santa Claus Number the library
I wasn't really ready for "my turn" on Santa's lap this time...

Santa Claus Number Three... at church... "Hey Santa, you like my red boots?"

We tried to start a tradition this year, when I happened to find a seemingly fun “El f on the Sh elf” kit at a bookstore, and thought it sounded like a great idea. It all started off well, when we read the book, gave our elf a name, then sat him on a shelf in our house, where he supposedly reports back to Santa each night about Kayli's behavior that day. Each time he comes back from the North Pole, he shows up in a different place in the house. This is really supposed to be a fun, motivator for good behavior, but in our house... well, it just isn't the same as, say, Santa, or God, who just knows that Kayli is generally a “good girl”, trying her best to behave, and mostly stays on the “nice list”. NO, this little red elf is seen as no more than a pesty little snitch! Sort of like a “tattle-tale” that makes everyone mad just thinking about it! Even when I tried to mention that our little elf was going to tell Santa how good Kayli has been, she looks at me, then glares at him, and screws up her face, and says “Let's just not talk about it, Mom” and off she goes. I haven't figured out how this cute little guy can redeem himself, but I'm gonna have to get creative... got any ideas? Who wants a “snitch” in the house?

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