Thursday, December 17, 2009

Always Coming Up With "Great Ideas"...

Kayli was playing in the basement with her dolls and doll bed, when suddenly she was struck by another one of her "Great Ideas"! She announces "Mom, I've got the perfect plan! We can bring this little bed upstairs and put it right next to your big bed. Then I can sleep right next to you!" "Isn't that a great plan?"
So, being the good sport that I am, I tell her if she can drag that bed upstairs, she is welcome to sleep in it. Since I'm not supposed to be lifting heavy things yet, I hold one end, to help get this doll bed up the stairs without anyone or anything falling! Kayli is working hard, grunting and groaning all the way, as she pulls this little bed up the stairs, then "Phew, that was a job!" she exclaims. She is sooo excited to carry out this plan that she rushes to get ready for bed, brushes her teeth, then "makes her new little bed".
"Good-night Mom"
Wait a minute. Hmmm... On second thought...
"Mom, that bed is just too far away from you. How 'bout we just climb in your bed, read a story, and snuggle together. Maybe I can take a nap in that bed tomorrow?"
Hmm... How 'bout we just use this doll bed for your dolls??? Good night, my sweet, always-has-the-perfect-plan, girl.

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