Saturday, December 19, 2009

Makes More Sense?

I set out two different manger scenes this year, as part of our Christmas decorations. Seems that my arrangements aren't quite right, though. It just cracks me up when I come into a room and see that all the figurines have been re-arranged from the "traditional" display, to a more "personalized" tight, cozy circle, as if the characters are making human contact with one another! Hmmm, really makes a little more sense that way, doesn't it? Notice in the modified grouping of the large figurines, "Mary" is wearing a nice knitted scarf, that Kayli borrowed from a Rudolph ornament! It WAS very cold outside, you know! Plus, I noticed that a "stray toy camel" showed up in the front of the group one day! Seriously, I just walk by, see these things, shake my head and enjoy a good chuckle.

"Traditional Display":

Kayli's "modification", with the added scarf and toy camel:

The tiny manger scene as a "traditional display":
The tiny manger scene arranged as Kayli sees fit:

AND, Here are some angels I usually keep on the table:
AND, Here's how I usually find them:
Looks like they're just chatting away, having a grand ol' time, doesn't it???

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