Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Starting a New Tradition?

Today, Aunt Suzanne came in town and took Kayli to pick out a Christmas present for me. Well, first, we all went to see the new movie The P*rincess and the F*rog, Kayli's first real theatre experience. The hardest part of the movie theatre experience was convincing Kayli that the previews would eventually end and the "real movie" would start! She kept saying "Is this the movie yet?" So, directly following the movie, I gave Aunt Suzanne some money to take Kayli to help her pick out a little something for her "dear ol' mom". Once Kayli had the wrapped presents in her hands, she wanted me to open them right away, of course! I told her that she and I would give our Christmas gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. (tomorrow) Then, Santa would be coming the next day. "Ohhh, mom, can't you just open them now?" she begs. No, Kayli, we have to wait until tomorrow. "But, mom, I picked out some really good presents, and you know, I think we should SHARE them. Well, you can have the earrings..." WAIT, KAYLI, Don't tell me what you got me... "Well, I am NOT telling you Mom, but I'm just telling you that we can share them all, but really you can have the earrings and the necklace, but I should have the mirror, and... But, I'm NOT telling you what I got for you!!!" "I'm not telling you, Mom." Oh, ok. Then... pondering the wait til I get to open these...Kayli continues "Mom, when we get home, can we put on our pajamas and go to bed and, and, can we sleep with the presents? Then, we can wake up in the morning and open them!!! Wouldn't that be fun???" Hmmm...well, that does sound like fun...and honestly, since we all know that Kayli does not spend her nights asleep in her own little bed, acting like I've lost my mind when I suggest that people usually sleep in their own beds, and opting to pretend like I just had a moment of insanity, then crawling in my bed with her barage of plastic dinosaurs, tiaras, books, and stuffed "snuggle friends", then settling in for the night. I'm thinking that sleeping with a bunch of wrapped Christmas presents can't be much different. It can't be any more inconvenient than dodging my little "bed hog's" feet, or trying to roll over, just to discover that her head is actually ON MY pillow. Really...what a small price to pay for some extra special Christmas EXCITEMENT!!! "Okay, Kayli, we can sleep with the presents!"

Oh, my gosh, this is just so exciting!

"This BIG present is the one my mom is giving me. Maybe I can sleep ON it?
Ok, it's settled, I'll sleep with these two little presents... one in each hand.
Good night Kayli. Hmmm...I can't wait til' morning to see what you got me for Christmas??? Ha. Ha.

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