Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yep, she was right

Yep, we started the new tradition of exchanging family gifts, at the crack of dawn, on Christmas Eve Morning, while still in bed! I awoke to "MOM, our presents are STILL HERE! Will you open yours NOWWW?" Oh, yes, the fun has just begun, and Yep, Kayli was right. True to her recollection, she gave me two, earring & necklace sets, and a little, rainbow colored, compact mirror, that she's already confiscated and zipped tight in her own little bag, just as she told me she would. She told me I was welcome to look in it if I needed to, but that she really needed to keep it in her bag.

I gave Kayli a "Princess Themed" gift with a pink, sparkly, princess dress, shoes, tights, necklace, bracelet, hair bow, and tiara. She was as thrilled as I thought she'd be, and of course, has been wearing them all day, so proud to think she looks just like the princess in her book!

I really think opening our exchange gifts at the beginning of the day is good because it helps us shift our focus later in the day to preparing for Baby Jesus' Birthday. Kayli is so excited to see "the special baby" in the manger at church tonight. Then, tomorrow, Jesus will watch from heaven while Kayli opens the special presents Santa brought, then she'll sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eat birthday cake with breakfast!

By the way, it's sleeting outside, lots and lots of tiny little ice pellets, that are supposed to turn to snow by tonight. Oh, how I love a White Christmas!

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