Saturday, December 26, 2009

Guess this means we're not getting out..

I filmed this from my kitchen window:

So, if we were having any thoughts about getting out again, which we weren't, after our treacherous drive home on 435 last night, this scenario with the BIG,HEAVY Trash truck,unable to get through my street, confirmed it! Guess we won't be having our trash picked up today?

Nevermind the fact that we still have that minor inconvenience of a pile of snowboulders, that the snowplows left for us, at the foot of our driveway...

Soo, seriously, the story goes... yesterday, Christmas, beautiful white snow falling, presents opened, toys played with, no time for a nap, relish tray prepared, it's late afternoon, Kayli and I head out to pick up Grandpa on our way to the "family gathering" in Missouri. He wasn't kidding when he said they hadn't shoveled his walk, and had plowed a wall at the end of his driveway! I left Kayli's window in the car open so she could see me climb through knee deep snow to greet her Grandpa at the common door to his villa. I walked him down the completely snow covered stairs while he held his cane on one side of him and my arm on the other side. Every step took us knee deep in snow to the unfamiliar surface below. We arrived at our destination, enjoyed a nice dinner, more presents, more fun. We headed for home around 9, and ohhhh my, what a trip on 435! I said, "Wow, that wind is really blowing my car." Then I realized it wasn't the wind but the sheet of ice beneath us! We saw accident after accident after rescue vehicle after rescue vehicle, until finally we could see that they had closed the interstate up ahead and there were flashing red lights galore. We got off and made our way home at a snail's pace. This time, as we arrived to deliver Grandpa to his home, we had his newly acquired presents to help him get in the house. I unbuckled Kayli from her car seat, handed her the box that had a toaster in it, I grabbed a big box, Grandpa had already begun the trek toward his house. Then, Kayli drops the toaster in the snow, I'm losing a hold on the big box, we're both laughing as I scoop up the toaster, and head for the house as Kayli decides to "dive and swim" in the deep snow! We get Grandpa settled and head home, where just a few feet from the garage door, I manage to get my car "high centered" in the snow, and, well, I'm sooo close, but soo far, as my tires spin and spin! Darn it. Now I'm out of my car, shoveling snow around my tires, dragging throw rugs out to put under the front wheels, and getting Kayli a safe distance away as I gun it and manage to get traction from the rugs! (I didn't want to leave the car in the driveway because the snow shoveler is supposed to come by early morning) So, Whew, safely inside we take off our winter gear and Kayli's feet and ankles are as pink as a lobster. So, worried about frost bite I put her in some warm water and I proceed to read books to her until her normal color re-appears. It was sooo COLD but I couldn't believe that she had only been in the snow, with her boots, for about 3-5 minutes! Today, we are STAYING PUT!!!

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