Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve. We braved the icy roads to get to 5:00 mass. When I told Kayli I was considering not going to church because of the ice, she wailed "But I wanna see Baby Jeeesus!" I really think she thought we were going to see a real baby in a manger. When we stood in front of the little tabletop manger scene they had set up at church, and I pointed out Baby Jesus in Mary's arms, Kayli just looked up at me with this screwed up little face, and said "Hmm..." like she really wanted to say "Ok, THAT's not the baby I'm talking about!" Then, she just turned around and headed back towards our seats, stopping to look in the main area of church and glancing side to side as if she might spot the baby somewhere. Once the mass started, Kayli sang and sang, as IF she knew all the words, but trust me, she didn't!

Kayli is all ready for bed, setting out cookies for Santa, and oatmeal for the reindeer!
Christmas Morning...

"I love my new princess mirror..."
"Oh my gosh, it's a Beauty and the Beast Tea Set!"
"Mom, Santa DID bring me the Dora Roller Skates I wanted!"

This doll talks, and potties, and brushes her teeth, and drinks, and lots more, and all with realistic sound effects!

"Wow, this is a great box that my doll came in..."

"I think my doll and I can both fit in's so cozy..."
Christmas is such a happy day!
Happy Birthday Jesus...

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