Thursday, January 7, 2010

Applying New Knowledge!

So, several weeks ago, on a typical frigidly cold day, I took Kayli to Won*derscope (our children's museum), where we spent three solid hours of play!!! While in the "hospital room", I was reading her the random facts that were posted on the walls, about the human body. She was intrigued by them all. Now, "fast forward", to this week, and we are attempting to move my very heavy coffee table to make room for my Wii platform, and Kayli is grunting and groaning (her version of participating), and she says to me "I can't get it to move, Mom, and I even used my tongue." I, of course, respond with "What? Your tongue???" Then she uses that tone that indicates I've apparently taken leave of my senses, when she replies "Uh, Mom, remember, your tongue IS the strongest muscle in your body!!!" (One of the facts we indeed did read while at the children's museum, and one of the facts that indeed did make an indelible impression on my child) For me, this was indeed a "laugh-out-loud" moment as I witness my child innocently attempting to apply the new knowledge she's acquired!
(Look at the picture below, on the far right side of the blackboard, for part of the "tongue information")

On this day, to quote a well known story, "the sun did not shine, it was too wet to play, so we went to Won*derscope, on that cold, cold, wet day." Ok, so it wasn't really a direct quote, but the idea was there! This place was practically deserted, as you can see from the pictures that follow. Kayli and I just went from room to room, and played and played and played. What a great place this was to be on this COLD, COLD, WET Day!

Now, On to the "house-garden-grocery store"room...

And, more fun in the "ball room"...

And then my all-time favorite, the giant, indoor, sandbox...

Then, Kayli moves on to some painting...

And, did you know that Q tips make great "paint brushes"?

Oh, and don't forget the ultimate in child's play, WATER!!!

Oh, we've had soooo much fun today, how we love coming to this place!
"Please, can we come back tomorrow???"

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Linsey said...

Looks like you had a great time! Can't wait to take Lily there someday!

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