Monday, March 8, 2010

Accident Report

It's Monday afternoon, the end of my work day, and I head to Kayli's daycare to pick her up. I walk into the daycare office and reach for the pen at the "sign-in/sign-out" desk, when I catch a glimpse of a note attached to the clipboard for her classroom. The note has Kayli's name on it, just under the words "ACCIDENT REPORT!"
Well, when my heart started beating again, I opened the note to find...

While she holds a new ice pack on her swollen eye, Kayli tells me/relives the events leading up to the accident...
"Well, Mom, after you dropped me off, we ate breakfast, then we had circle time, and went to the gym. (I think, oh, of course it happened in the gym, but no, the story moves on) Then, it was center time, and I was in the 'puzzle and book center' with Sam. Then, I throwed something in the trash, and then I was hopping around and around like a dinosaur, (oh, yeah, I can picture that) and I runned right into Sam!" "Sam's head hitted MY eye!" Then, Kayli reports "You know, Mom, this will turn into a bruise and it's going to hurt for at least 20 years!" Then, she looked at herself in the mirror and it reminded her about how much this hurts, and, well, a little more TLC was called for, and in our house that not only stands for "Tender Loving Care" but also "Time for a Little Comfort food"...Ice Cream always makes us feel better!
I'm adding an entry for Tuesday, the day after the injury, because eye bruises always look so much "prettier" the next day, as they spread to the rest of the eye, and turn a nicer shade of lavender, and narrow the "viewing area" as the eye swells shut a bit more, as is evidenced from the photo below:

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Linsey said...

Oh my goodness Kayli! Look at that eye! I am glad you got to have some ice cream to make it feel better... I hope it doesn't take 20 years though!

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