Monday, March 8, 2010

Kindergarten Roundup!

Well, here we are, celebrating another major milestone, one that I always envisioned to be "way down the road", and here it is, so bittersweet, in the blink of an eye, time for Kindergarten Roundup! This was a little confusing to Kayli, since she wasn't actually starting Kindergarten yet, just "signing up". She kept saying "Well, what about all my friends at my other school? What will they do without me?" Well, Kayli, you are not starting in a new school quite yet...we're just "signing up" and having a little "practice session", and the explanation continued, and the questions continued, and we talked in circles for a while, then, well, we moved on...

I brought Kayli to school/work with me and we started off the day in my classroom, since enrollment didn't begin until 9:00 a.m.

Kayli liked my big, twirly, teacher chair!

I showed Kayli how I move the red sticker from day to day on my calendar, so I can keep track of what day it is...

Kayli thought I had a lot of cool stuff in my room (I do) and wanted to try out a "Winnie the Pooh" boardgame while we Natalie (my para) graciously set up the game and played a round with Kayli!

Ready, Set, Go! Once in the kindergarten room, Kayli was ready to join in the fun activities.

All the pre-kindergartners got to decorate and eat a giant cookie!

Now with pre-enrollment behind us, Kayli heads back down the looong hallway from the kindergarten rooms, for the first of many, many future trips down this hallway!

Diana, one of our Sunnyside para's, stopped Kayli in the hall to chat with her and ask her some questions about enrollment. I could tell that Kayli was getting tired of talking to so many grownups and answering all their questions as she began nervously pulling on her necklace. Next thing I knew, the chain on the necklace was broken. Guess she was a little more stressed than I thought...

Once home, Kayli checks out the new t-shirt she got from her "new teachers" at Sunnyside. "It's so special, Mom!"

She was thrilled with her other "present" from her "new teachers", a colorful ring of cards/activities for us to practice this summer. That way Kayli will be ready to "hit the road running" when August rolls around. I know that day is going to be here in another blink of an eye!

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