Thursday, April 29, 2010

When Life Gets Too Hectic…

Nothing is more relaxing than a night where you make the choice to go NOWHERE and you make the other choice to put on your pjs and slippers WAY before bedtime!

Lately, Kayli and I have been feeling like we’re on a “runaway train”… and we’re wishing for that mandatory reason to have to stay home and do “nothing”, like you get with a blizzard during the winter, and you feel obliged to stay in your pjs and drink hot chocolate… but since it’s Spring… well…here’s what we did. One night, right after dinner, I said to Kayli “I’ve got a great idea! Let’s put on our pjs, gather up a bunch of books, our laptop, magazines, etc., and we’ll bring them all into my big bed, and we’ll read and play online games and we’ll have some time for me to look at magazines and you to listen to stories on the computer, and we’ll play ‘Go Fish’ and it we'll call it a pj party!” So, we did, and later that night, as we were lying there in the dark, drifting off to sleep, surrounded by ALL the stuffed animals that Kayli had brought to “our party”, she said “Mom, you know, this was the best 'snuggle party' I ever had! Let’s do it again tomorrow!” …And, I thought to myself… sorry, Kayli, tomorrow we have to “get back on that train!”

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