Friday, May 7, 2010

What is Appropriate Attire?

Sooo, Kayli was helping me take out the trash last night, and...what? you thought I was going to say something about going swimming, since she's wearing a swimsuit? And, what? why is she wearing rainboots with a swimsuit? Seriously? You ask me "why?" Well, of course she was wearing the swimsuit because she had been watching a Barbie Mermaid Surfing Movie, and we all know that Kayli doesn't watch anything unless she is dressed and ready to "jump into the movie" and become the main character! So, the boots? Well, you can't take the trash out in your bare feet can you???

Oh, and that's "pink pony" she's swinging on the end of a "makeshift leash". "Pink pony" sleeps, eats, plays, rides in the car, and goes to school with Kayli. Pretty much, we're never without this pretty little pony. "Pink pony" has definitely maintained the longest standing position of favorite, amongst Kayli's entourage of snuggle friends. So, c'mon "pink pony", let's take out the trash!

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