Monday, November 15, 2010

The Circle Family

I just had to include this little story, as it makes me laugh now, and merits it's own level of entertainment value to all parents that have been in a similar situation...
Kayli and I were at the ever so popular, W*al*m*ar*t. We were near the entrance of the store, looking through a bin of pumpkins, when a family of 3 walked in. This family had a mom, a dad, and a child. This family all looked very much alike in their short stature and a bit on the "heavy side". I did not notice this family until Kayli yells to me "Look, Mom, it's a Circle Family!" What? One glance in the direction she was pointing, and I knew exactly what she was referring to! Oh dear, before she could say anything else, I quickly whisked her away to another part of the store, where I could explain to her that although "the circle family" might have been a good description of this group, it's ok to think that in your head, but it's never a good idea to say things like that out loud! I guess they've been reviewing shapes in kindergarten! Too funny!

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