Monday, November 15, 2010

The New Tinkerbell Movie

We recently purchased the new Tinkerbell movie, The Great Fairy Rescue. We brought it home over a week ago, on a Friday night, put on our jammies, made popcorn, and snuggled together on the couch while watching the "World's Cutest Little Girl Movie" I have seen in a long time!!! Kayli has now completely immersed herself in the creative, imaginary world of "fairies". She sets up her dollhouse to make it an inviting place for a fairy to stop in. She folds up pieces of kleenex to make a soft blanket on a doll bed. She has a large dollhouse up in her bedroom, and has a tiny Winnie the Pooh house in the basement that has been transformed into a "fairy house". You never know when or where a fairy might land! Kayli makes sure to watch this movie once a day so she can "learn" all the lines and songs, and per-fect her English accent, which the main character uses in the movie. She comes home from school each night, changes into one of three "fairy outfits", the green tinkerbell dress, the purple leotard with the matching tulle skirt, or the pink glittering flower petal dress. After homework and dinner, I let her put in the DVD and spend some time in the world of magic and fantasy, honing her acting skills, expanding her creative thinking, getting some exercise (she never sits while she's watching, I mean acting!) strengthening her memory skills as she learns ALL the lines with just the right intonation and accent...(she imitates a great English accent!) and finally, just plain having fun!

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