Monday, November 8, 2010

Kayli Gets Her First "Big Girl" Bike!

I've been talking about getting Kayli a "big girl" bike since summer time, but our lives have been so, so, busy with selling our house, packing, and moving, that we haven't even had a minute to think about looking for that "perfect bike". I finally decided it was time to just do it before we wait so long that there's snow on the ground and then we'd have to wait until Spring and Summer again. We are having such beautiful Fall weather right now that it just makes me want to get outside... and what better exercise than chasing after a 5 year old on a new bike?!!!
Note: Buying this bike also forced me to unpack a few more boxes in the garage as I attempted to locate the required "phillips screwdriver"!
then, when I proudly finished assembling the bike, I discovered that the tires needed air, and of course that would require me to locate the airpump, and that would require me to move a few more things around the garage, and unpack a few more boxes, and Voila, the airpump appeared...of course now it's the next morning...

and then I had to explain to Kayli why she couldn't safely ride a bike while wearing a fairy costume, but she really just wanted to be a fairy riding a bike, so we compromised (after a lengthy illogical dispute) and I made her put on shorts and I tied up the loose ends of the costume (I could just picture them getting caught in the spokes of the wheels) and...finally...the moment we've all been waiting for...

I know, I know, no more practicing until I find the helmet and pads!

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