Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Februrary 27th, The Day She Turned 6!

Kayli wakes up on her birthday and immediately wants to check and see if she's grown! Yep, of course we knew there was some reason why those tights just weren't stretching as far as they used to...
She's grown 2 inches in the last year!
Later that day, as we're preparing for birthday party #2, the BIG family gathering, Kayli says "Well, Mom, there goes another tooth." Oh my gosh, she was right, tooth # 2 just fell out, and a big tooth is sitting right behind it, ready to take it's place!
We had lots of fun picking out the "perfect" birthday desserts for the party tonight, one for Kayli's #6 candle, a small chocolate cake, and one for Jake's #12 candle, a key lime pie!
So, with the kitchen table extended to it's max, the lasagna and garlic bread baked and ready, desserts in place, drinks icy cold, extra rugs in the foyer (for this rainy day), our family guests began to arrive, and the celebration was underway!
Then...Monday at school, Kayli got to celebrate AGAIN by bringing treats for her class and wearing this cool hat all day long!
AND, the story doesn't end there, nosirree, as we have plans to continue the celebration next week in DisneyWorld!!!  WOOHOO, I am already doin' the "happy dance!"

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