Saturday, April 30, 2011

A New Mask!, as I was saying about the "cat allergy" and the itchy eyes that seemed to set off a chain of events over the next few days of itchy, watery eyes, throat clearing, coughing, and eventually to audible wheezing, and a trip to the pediatrician, and...tada...a new mask!

Yep, I am now the surprised owner of a brand new nebulizer that I get to "hook up to" Kayli every 4-5 hours, round-the-clock, for the next week or so! Not so bad except for having to set my alarm for 4:00 a.m, then wake up Kayli, and convince a very sleepy girl to sit up and snap on this fancy fish mask for her middle of the night breathing treatment!
While at the doctor's office, the doctor was explaining to me how to use the new nebulizer, and she asked Kayli if she'd rather use the "mouth tube" for her breathing treatment, or a "fish mask." Well, I knew what the answer to that silly question was, OF COURSE...the fish mask! Kayli was thrilled with her new fish mask and insisted on taking possession of it immediately. In fact, she carried it out of the office holding onto the elastic string, as if she was carrying a purse and as we climbed into the car, she proclaimed "Mom, this is the BEST DAY EVER! I just LOVE my new fish purse! We had to go to T*ar*get to get our prescriptions filled, and while waiting, we walked around the store, browsing. Well, Kayli was proudly wearing her fish mask hanging around her neck, and I laughed out loud when I watched her spot another child and stealthily slip the mask onto her face, and wait for a reaction! She just cracks me up!
Here's the fun mask without the tubing attached...
On a final note, DARN THOSE ALLERGIES!!!

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Linsey said...

What! That must be why you missed work Friday! Kayli can now join the club of kids with fish masks! I have seen many of them!

Since when does Target accept our insurance???

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