Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Want Me to WHAT???

...Take a bath under that broken skylight???
Uh...Mom, Remember this???
Yes, I do remember when Kayli was the first to enter my bathroom the night of the BIG hailstorm, picked this up, and turned to me saying "Hey, Mom, where'd this come from?" After nearly hyperventilating and retrieving this glass shard without a drop of blood being shed, I thankfully discovered that it was really not glass but a kind of plexiglass that is used on skylights, WHEW!
Regardless, it is still broken, and looks pretty ominous when you are standing underneath the window, which is now covered by a large tarp that makes a scary kind of wind-blowing-whistling-flapping kind of noise! And, so, when I suggested to Kayli that she needed to take a bath, well, she looked at me like I had just sprouted an extra head! The choices are: 1) Bath under the large broken skylight 2) Bath under the smaller broken skylight 3) Shower (no toys, no swimming, no fun?) "No thanks, Mom, I'll just pass." Ha ha. Not an option. So, after taking a two-second bath without taking her eyes off the ceiling, (can't say I blame her) I decided to "up the anti" with a new bath toy to focus on! Introducing...the new swimming baby doll! Yep, this "priceless" ploy worked like a charm! Ohhhh, yes, bathtime was fun again, with something new and exciting to focus on! For the moment, we forgot all about the broken skylight...
Yep, this doll REALLY moves her arms and legs and SWIMS through the water!!! I was just cracking up as I watched her swim around the tub! What'll they think of next?

AND...here's some footage of the little swimmer..

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Diana said...

I swear, you guys crack me UP!!! I am so laughing right now!

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