Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First School Research Project

Oh yeah, the first of many to come, the ever-so-popular-hard-to-believe-it-starts-in-kindergarten-research-project-display/presentation, was assigned to Kayli last week! Apparently, as part of their talk about nature, the kids were given a list of “bugs and/or critters” to choose to research, then create some type of creative display, for all the facts that we she gathered. Then all the kids would be asked to present their project/facts to the rest of the class.  Kayli chose “the fly”. Seriously?  What would possess her to choose this insect, the very one that causes her to panic at the sound of it’s buzzing, or rush to close the screen door that I left open while carrying a tray to the deck, or beg to eat indoors just to avoid any chance of coming into contact with the little beasts! This is the insect that recently prompted her to choose to buy a fly swatter from the dollar bin, with her allowance, (granted it was pretty in a bright pink color with a large fake flower attached to the top), but, she wanted to be prepared for the approaching Spring to Summer weather that meant only one thing…the fly invasion! Last year she would literally scream, duck, and run if she so much as imagined hearing a “bzzz” sound. I tried to help her face the fear by empowering her with knowledge,  taking her to the library and checking out books on the topic, buying fake bugs, and equipping her with a state-of-the-art fly swatter that she always kept close at hand. It all seemed to help us get through “fly season”. Then, Winter came and we forgot all about the little pests until recently when the nice weather returned along with our first “fly encounter.” I could see “the wheels turning” as she spotted the bright pink fly swatter at our favorite dollar bin store!  So, here we go again…and how appropriate to begin the “season” with this special research project?  THE FLY!

Let me tell you…the facts on the fly are NOT PLEASANT! I decided to avoid pointing out the fact that these insects poop and vomit on everything they land on! Wouldn’t that add to Kayli’s already dismal impression of these buzzing buttinskis?

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